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Europe & The Middle East

Voyages Across The Mediterranean

There are so many off the beaten path travel opportunities to be discovered in this part of the world. From the majestic Fjords of Norway, to the exquisite Turquoise coast of Turkey, there’s a feast for the senses. Your journey can take you to Italy, Portugal, France and Croatia all in one trip—with perfect tours that make sure you see and do it all along the way.

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Every year, more and more visitors flock to Croatia for the beautiful scenery. The Dalmatia coast is breathtaking, the clear waters of the Adriatic stunning and the medieval walled town of Dubrovnik combined with a mountain backdrop make this a fascinating part of the world.

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Finland is an interesting country just waiting to be uncovered. Visitors enjoy ice fishing, sailing by day and energetic nightlife and lively cafes and culture by night. Take in all the glorious sights from the view of Helsinki from the tower of the Olympic Stadium, museums, to great walks through the beautiful parks. Finland is a family-friendly destination as well, with plenty of sights and attractions the kids will enjoy.

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France is one of those countries where every region offers something distinct and unique. Paris is a journey through fashion, art and food. Bordeaux is peppered with vineyards you just want to get lost in. The Alps and Pyrenees are dramatic slopes that challenge your inner adventurer. There’s definitely something for everyone in France.

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Visit Hungary and cycle through the peaceful scenery that links Vienna with Budapest, be seduced by the capital’s charms and take in the famous Danube River in a picturesque setting that will take your breath away.

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Foggy swim. Iceland.

Take an adventure horseback riding through wild Iceland. As you traverse the country, visit fjords, volcanoes, waterfalls and hot springs. Each place you explore has a story, from settings that have inspired authors to traditions and history engrained in the fabric of the country.

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Waterfront Port. Italy. Rocky coast. Italy. Restaurant. Italy.

Italy satisfies every craving. Whether you’re in search of gastronomy, natural beauty and art, or culture—this is a country for lovers of the dolce vita—the sweet life. From the mountains to the boot-shaped coast there is only one emphasis in this land, simple pleasures and high quality.

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Guy on the edge of a cliff. Norway. Small town. Norway. Cruise ship. Norway.

Norway is a parkland of dramatic mountains, seas, forests and fjords. There is no shortage of variety here and breathtaking vistas. Nature is a prime attraction here. For Travellers who love the great outdoors, set your sights on Norway and you’ll fall in love with the spectacular beauty.

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Castle. Romania. Winding roads. Romania. Traditional flute. Romania.

Romania is a dynamic country that’s best described as authentic, natural and rich in history. For active travellers, the terrain ranges from steep and challenging to gentle and approachable, making it great to bike or trek through. Not to be missed, however, is the natural beauty offered by the hilltop towns and Danube River coursing through the country.

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Beautiful house in a park in fall. Russia. Building in Russia. Russia. Matryoshka dolls. Russia.

Russia is a fascinating place, from the beauty of Moscow and St. Petersburg, to the romantic Siberian countryside. Visit the iconic Kremlin in Russia, a complex in the heart of Moscow filled with four palaces, four cathedrals, towers and the Kremlin wall.

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Gaoudi Barcelona. Spain. Hand-crafted cups. Spain. House with a garden in the yard. Spain.

Seafront villages, beaches, beautiful old towns, are just some of the sights you will want to absorb. Spain has a rich history that will intrigue and captivate you and leave you wanting to uncover more ground.

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Homes built from rock. Turkey. Pristine pool of water with ice. Turkey. Palace. Turkey.

There’s a variety of things to do in Turkey, ranging from water sports to mountain trekking, archaeology to night-clubs, and river rafting to raki drinking. You don’t want to miss the exotic bazaars, Byzantine mosaics, and romantic coves.

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